Ryu Reviews Batman vs. Superman

My review of Batman vs. Superman!
I forgot to use my video lights…AGAIN. Because this is actually the 3rd time I’ve had to record it because of a lot of technical difficulties and I was getting impatient.
But yeah, check it out, people!

Only wears black or very dark grey, RyuOni1989

How I Learnt Japanese – Method 2

Do you have problems reading in another language? Does it take you about 5 times the length of time it would normally take? How about when that language text is something completely different to your own- like for me, it would be Japanese, whereas my native tongue is English.

So how did I become able to read Japanese at a native speed? Pokemon. Yes, you read that right- POKEMON.

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How I Learnt Japanese – Method 1

Are you having trouble learning Japanese? Do you want to know what the characters are saying without using subtitles, or perhaps there’s that game that you really want to play that’s only out in another country? Maybe you just want to impress that cute Japanese girl that’s in your chemistry class? Whatever the reason, learning another language is difficult, but lucky for you I’m here to show you how I became fluent in Japanese!

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The Pros and Cons of Living in the Japanese Countryside

Many people interested in teaching in Japan are curious about what it’s like living here; Is it all big cities covered in neon signs and anime mascots or is it more Zen and relaxed? Well, it’s kind of both- but it depends on where you live. Personally, I like the peace and quiet that comes with living in the countryside, so I couldn’t survive in the city for too long without going insane from the constant barrage on the senses throughout the day. But that’s not to say that the countryside isn’t without it’s downsides, and I want to go through these with you, both the good and the bad, to give you an idea on what it’s like living in rural Japan.

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Beach Party Day!!!

I woke up at 4 in the morning, rubbing my eyes and feeling the salty sweat of the night slowly seep in, burning at the corners just around where the tear ducts are. Stumbling out of bed, I made my way across the room to swipe right on my phone, turning the alarm off. Why did I stay awake until 12:30 last night?

Shuffling into the kitchen, I placed the coffee kettle onto the Induction Heater stove, turned it on to automatic and headed off into the shower. Picking up the shower head, I took a few deep breaths before turning the cold water on. The cold water so early in the morning sent a shock to my system and quickly extinguished any lingering sleep that I may have had left swimming around in my head. I’ve started taking only cold showers recently, because I’ve read that it’s good for you; it helps to both wake you up and also let you sleep deeply, it’s good for blood circulation, not to mention that not using the gas to heat up so much water has lowered my gas bill significantly as now the only time I use gas is for hot water when I have a shave.

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Bungee Jumping in Japan

Ibaraki prefecture, Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge, 100 meter drop, the highest bungee jump in Japan.

That’s where the highest bungee jump in Japan is, and if you want to know how to get there then you’ve come to the right place.

Before I went for my bungee jump and I wanted to research where it was, how to get there, any tips or anything so I looked around on the internet and surprisingly couldn’t find anything, so I’m making this post for all of you out there that are interested in testing your metal and trying this awesome experience for yourselves.

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Thrown in at the Deep End

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my daily life on here, did ya’ll miss me? kiss kiss

Well, there’s been a lot that has gone on recently, particularly after Golden Week, which is a series of national holidays at the around the end of April or beginning of May and lasts for almost a full week. Bank holiday monday has got nothing on the Japanesegoldenweek

So, what’s happened? I hear you ask. Well, I’ve become a business owner! (Yayyy!!!) Through no will of my own! (Wut?)
Allow me to explain;

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